3S Lithium 18650 Battery Protection 12v 10a Circuit Module

Model: HX-3S-01
Overvoltage Voltage Range: 4.25-4.35 v ± 0.05V
Overpressure Voltage Range: 2.3-3.0V ± 0.05V
Size: 50 * 16 * 1.0mm

Maximum Operating Current: 5-8A Operation: -40 — + 50 ℃

maximum instantaneous current: 9-10A Storage conditions: -40 … + 80 ℃

Resting current: less than 6uA Efficient life: more than 30,000 hours

internal resistance: less than 60mΩ protection Against short circuit: protection, delay self-recovery.

The size of the protection plate and description of the device;

The size of the protection plate is 50 * 16 * 1.0mm; Components for the Seiko protection chip and genuine FDS S-8254AA 4435A * 4;


The protection plate can not be used for the iron from the polymer battery, hand drill battery, electric fish battery battery, electric battery bicycle, 2 and then serial 24 V use, 775 (4A) above Of the engine, 1 W fish-eye LED light.
Described in the power range for the following products:
Vacuum cleaner battery massager, LED power supply standby light, 12V electronic products, solar street lamp battery, backup power supply monitor, and other products.
Description: Explanation:
3 string (for 3 18650 batteries or combination lithium polymer battery series)
10.8 V (nominal voltage for the polymer battery)
11.1 V (18650 or 3.7 V nominal lithium battery voltage)
12.6 V (lithium battery is fully charged after the voltage)
Discharge 10A (referring to the maximum discharge current limit)
Lithium battery protection plate
Comes with: overload, over discharge, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection
18650 lithium battery should!

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