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Wide range of Arduino original buy in Pakistan, compatible, main board, shields, kit and accessories: Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, Arduino Mini, Arduino Nano, Arduino Yun, Arduino Due, Maker Uno

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26p Cable GPIO Expansion line for Raspberry Pi

A 26 way ribbon cable for use with the Raspberry Pi GPIO Header. This is perfect for connecting..

Rs 140.00

3S Lithium 18650 Battery Protection 12v 10a Circuit Module

Model: HX-3S-01Overvoltage Voltage Range: 4.25-4.35 v ± 0.05VOverpressure Voltage Range: 2.3-3.0V ± ..

Rs 250.00

Arduino Due Price in Pakistan

Thanks to Arduino Due, the user can create systems using the ARM 32-bit Cortex M3 microcontroller ba..

Rs 2,000.00

Arduino Leonardo Price in Pakistan

Arduino Leonardo is one of the most popular versions from the series. The board contains an ATmega32..

Rs 800.00

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 with Cable - CH340

Arduino MEGA 2560 is one of the most powerful modules on the market. The module is compatible with t..

Rs 1,000.00

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 with Cable Arduino Mega in Pakistan

Arduino Mega is one of the richest versions. The board contains the ATmega2560 microcontroller,..

Rs 1,150.00

Arduino Nano V3 in Pakistan

The Arduino Nano v3 in Pakistan is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based ..

Rs 350.00

Arduino Nano V3.0 in Pakistan with USB Cable

This module is compatible with the popular Arduino Nano chip has an ATmega328 microco..

Rs 380.00

Arduino Pro Mini in Pakistan 5V-16MHz

Arduino Pro Mini is based on the popular Uno module. The board contains an Atmega328 micro..

Rs 290.00

Arduino Uno R3 DIP with USB Cable

Arduino Uno R3 is a basic microcontroller board based on the Atmega328 microcontroller and also..

Rs 590.00

Arduino Uno R3 SMD in Pakistan

Offered Arduino UNO R3 Atmel is the most popular module on the market compatible with the ..

Rs 400.00 Rs 390.00

Camelion 10000MAH Power Bank in Pakistan

Specification:3D printed surface design2.1A outputCompatible with most mobile devicesShort circuit, ..

Rs 2,800.00

Camelion 4000MAH Power Bank in Pakistan

Specification:Compatible with most mobile devicesAuto On/Off capabilityMultiple safety protectionsLE..

Rs 2,000.00

Camelion 4000MAH White Power Bank in Pakistan

Specification:Compatible with most mobile devices Auto on/off capability Pre-charged &..

Rs 1,500.00